My painting won first prize in the 'quick draw' competition at Art In The Open!

I'm so pleased that my painting won first prize in the 2 hour timed painting competition in Wexford yesterday. 

Participating artists were required to complete a painting of Wexford's Selskar Square in the time allowed. Since this was to be my first attempt at such an event I decided to spend some time planning my painting before the start time. I made some sketches and designs from various places around the square before choosing my location. Finding a good outlook I took shelter from the torrential rain in a restaurant doorway with a view down the square.

I decided to paint a cafe with a bright orange awning in front of a deep blue house. I hoped that the complimentary colour combination would brighten an otherwise grey scene. As the rain got heavier I could see the colours reflected in the wet paving, I was able to use these reflections to anchor the bright colours from the cafe. 

The 2 hours passed incredibly quickly and soon all of the completed artworks were lined up for judging. I was thrilled to have my painting chosen for the first prize and I have been overwhelmed by the friendly kindness from everyone here in Wexford. I am having such a great time... and still 2 more days to go. The main exhibition of works produced over this 10 day festival will open tomorrow. I can't wait to see all the beautiful paintings that have been made during the week.