EnChroma glasses


EnChroma has created glasses for colour blind people that enhance colour perception by separating light into its primary spectral components before they reach the eye. More information is available on the EnChroma website

So why will their glasses be featured at my exhibition?

This all started when...

I saw a video on the internet of a colour blind person putting on a pair of glasses and staring, open-mouthed at a beautiful sunset.

Ever since I met my boyfriend, Mark, I have dreamed that someone would find a way to enable him to see as much colour in the world as I see. Mark is red-green colour blind, he sees mostly browns and greys where I see green trees and pink sunsets. Mark has never seen the colours that inspire me to paint every day. Nor has he truly seen my artworks before, because, primarily, I am a colourist.

I want to share these glasses with anyone who is colour blind and would like to see my exhibition in full colour! It's going to be amazing...

The glasses will be available at the exhibition in the Assembly Rooms Ludlow on Sunday 22nd January 2017 and you can make an appointment to come and try them with us!

Please register your interest in using the EnChroma glasses at my Ludlow Assembly Rooms exhibition by signing up here.

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