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26th June 2018 Notan: The Art of light and Dark

Notan – the ART of light and dark

Ever wondered why one artwork sings whilst another just looks ordinary? The answer is in black and white!

Notan (2).jpg

 ‘Notan’ is a Japanese word used to describe the balance of light and shade in a painting. Although most of us are unaware of it, the pattern of light and dark in a picture is the single most influential factor in our appreciation of any artwork.  Through a series of exercises and demonstrations we will learn how to design successful pictures every time.

This workshop is a real must for anyone looking to improve their understanding of how to make a picture feel balanced, interesting and memorable.

Using ‘notan’ you can determine whether a picture will succeed or fail in just 2 minutes!

Suitable for learners of all levels in all media, this workshop is also excellent for photographers and designers.

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