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19th & 26th Jan: Trysull Art Club Workshops

19th January Notan – the ART of light and dark: Ever wondered why one artwork sings whilst another just looks ordinary? The answer is in black and white! 
This workshop is a real must for anyone looking to improve their understanding of how to make a picture feel balanced, interesting and memorable. Using ‘notan’ you can determine whether a picture will succeed or fail in just 2 minutes! 
Suitable for learners of all levels in all media, this workshop is also excellent for photographers and designers. Bring a sketchbook and pencils. 

26th January Confidence with Colour: Learn how to use colour to enhance your paintings in this useful practical workshop. Focussing on how we can employ colour within our work we will learn about the creation of harmonies and how to create a ‘palette’ that will express the mood of your painting more clearly. Suitable for painters of all abilities, in any media. 

Earlier Event: January 14
14th-15th Jan: Portraiture Weekend
Later Event: February 7
7-8 February: Beautiful Brushwork